March 7, 2018

Susy Lee

Happy Children's Day & Dragon Boat Festival

"Children's Day" & "Dragon Boat Festival" as one!

As the gentle wind of May passes comes the promising month of June.Time passes so swifting fast & before you know it, half of 2022 will be over.During the first half a year, we have worked hard globally to fight the epidemic & have gritted our teeths hard to endure all that was thrown at us.Some of us has grabbed new achievements while others have stepped onto a new level in their lives.While some of us might lived a very ordinary life but nothing is more important then a safe & healthy one.While the further we go in life, we find that the foundations of the stepping stones are extremely important to equip us to face the different changes we will face in the near distant future.Most important of all is to have a child-like mind without chores while remaining kind & learn to relax from the world of stress.

When we were young, we  were very innocent.In everyone's heart we all have unforgettable childhood memories!From cartoons on the TV,to playing in the park, running, chasing,to our favorite corner store,full of our favorite junk food,are all our innocent hopes & memories that we had!

June, a month new things & full of hopes!We all have new plans, there's still plenty of time to make it happen.We might have stalled, recharge & sharpen our mind.We must have the mindset of carrying burdens as an adult while having the optimism and cheerfulness of a child.The present might be messy,  the future might not be easy but lets move forward together.

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