COVID-19 IS A War, But Everyone Is A Fighter

The ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak is a serious concern for people in China and around the world.

At the beginning of 2020, a war without smoke broke out in Wuhan, Hubei province. The novel coronavirus has in China claimed over 2000 victims, reduced thousands to agony, and deprived millions of their freedom to enjoy Spring Festival with kith and kin, and infiltrate overseas.

After the outbreak, the Chinese people and government moved with speed and strength, the Chinese government immediately set up a nationwide mechanism to mobilize resources from across the country. We have taken the most comprehensive, stringent and thorough prevention and control measures, from the central government to local governments, from urban to rural areas, the whole nation is battling the epidemic with resolve and self-sacrifice. Nothing short of the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough-going measures have been taken. many of which are well beyond what is required by the International Health Regulations and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). The lockdown of transport hub Wuhan with its 11 million people – the first such lockdown in the history of New China – signifies the determination of Chinese to shoulder their responsibility for the common good of mankind.

Tedros Adhoanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of World Health Organization, praised China’s response to novel coronavirus: The high speed and massive scale of China’s response are rarely seen in the world. / China’s measures are not only protecting its people but also protecting the people of the world.

Some may believe that many fragilities almost incapacitating the country can be interpreted as a serious blow to the Chinese government.

Another postulate is arguably much closer to reality. It first takes into account the truly unique resilience of the Chinese people. We are strong enough.

“ The challenges the outbreak has posed to China's economic and social development will be temporary and short-lived. With its strong resilience, potential and vitality, the Chinese economy is well positioned to overcome all risks and challenges. The fundamentals sustaining sound economic growth have not changed and will not change.

After the storm comes the rainbow. We are confident that China will emerge stronger from the epidemic. Its pent-up consumer demand and growth potential will be quickly unleashed and China will enjoy more sound and sustainable economic and social development. ”

(Excerpt from State councilor and foreign minister Wang yi's speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference)

Virology Prof. Johan Neyts from the University of Leuven said China bought time for the world and, hopefully, the world can use that time well.

What is needed in the global community so interconnected in a shared destiny today is solidarity against the virus, mutual support and cross-border multi-sectoral collaboration, backing up China's fight while watching out for one's backyard. As the suffering of a neighbor is immediately felt nowadays, caring for others also means caring for oneself. Leaders of dozens of countries indeed choose solidarity to join China in fighting the common foe.

Each day, more once seriously ill patients reunite with families after beating death. They are living witnesses to President Xi Jinping’s words, that China has the confidence to win the battles against this outbreak.

The novel coronavirus will prove again that the human merit of mutual love will prevail over evil forces, and that China will fulfil its mission and honor its role for a better future of mankind.

This is a war without smoke. And we are all fighters!

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