March 7, 2022

Susy Lee

Looking To Excel & A Prosperous 2022

Looking to excel & a prosperous 2022!

With a blink of an eye, we resumed work in 2022 while looking back as well as to the near distant future’s great memories, as March approached, KONCAI’s “Circle of War” has quietly kicked off.

The kick-off meeting for the “Circle of War” Arrange

Irene: Leading & organizing meetings, preparing PPT’s as well as weekly reviews in accomplishing team sales goals.

Peter & Damai: responsible for back-office operations as well material procurement.

Helen: Responsible for the daily sales statistics as well miscellaneous matters.

Yan: Organizing artworks, banners as well as marketing materials.

Live Show

One of the most important thing for this year’s March “Circle of War” is our targeted sales goal, because of the global COVID epidemic affecting every corner of the world, we can only really rely on using live shows to further present our products to the rest of the world.

February 23, the “Circle of War” officially kicked-off, after a day of meeting, everyone of KONCAI were full of optimism & strive to accomplish our sales target. All the sales will use all methods possible to urge their customers to order as well as the full backup from the whole of KONCAI.

Touching Moment

Susy, our spiritual leader who shares daily motivation with us each morning as well as providing her home sweet cooking on a frequent basis & not to mention giving guidance whenever she can.

What moved us most was Jason, who held 3 live shows at our very own factory showing our production line & capabilities.

Additionally, our sales team also reports each days sales figure, giving everyone a better understanding of our sales progress as soon as we step through the front door each morning, we see motivational as well as inspirational quotes & short videos being shown on the front TV.

Out of the Crisis

While we were a third of the way through the “Circle of War”, Shenzhen was hit hard locally on March 13, as the whole of Shenzhen issued epidemic prevention and control measures with nucleic acid testing for everyone! Government agencies, institutions worked from home, all enterprises stopped operating or worked from home including the whole of Shenzhen’s buses & subways suspended. Under such a severe situations, our employees were left with no choice but to quickly bring their computers & work back home. Yes the epidemic is very serious but that doesn’t affect our determination in to fight in the “Circle of War”!

We are into the 23rd day in the “Circle of War” & with a blink of an eye two third’s of the time has passed while recalling the previous 20 days, every day has presented full of different challenges and surprises. Because of the increasingly severe epidemic globally, every individual, family, companies all faces great pressure. It would be a lie to say that there is no pressure but we firmly believe that as long as we work together, we can overcome all difficulties & challenges

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